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Light is life, which is reborn every day after the darkness of the night. It focuses on the detail, investing it with its rays. Symbol and expression of rebirth, light warms atmospheres, plays with shadows to give shape to the environment that surrounds us.

Papirho PAPER LAMP lamps are everything you want: they combine oriental elements with the contemporary design of an object that can be adapted and molded according to your tastes, to illuminate daytime or create soft lighting effects.

Made according to a design that comes from the Land of the Rising Sun, PAPER LAMP is the dynamic déco object, beautiful and perfect in any environment, from the bedroom to the living room, to the study.

Made of paper with a honeycomb honeycomb structure, resistant and anti-dust, with a single and simple touch PAPER LAMP takes on the most varied shapes, for an always different design and to adjust the intensity of the light and create the setting perfect for any occasion.

PAPHIRO Paper Lamp

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