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There are two reasons for decanting wines:

  • Aged wines are decanted to separate them from the sediments formed over time.
  • Young wines are decanted to oxygenate them and reveal their complexity, so that they release all their tastes and aromas.

On the palate, the decanted wine expresses more intense fruity notes in red wines and tends to integrate and soften the tannins.

To honor fine wines with the decanting treatment they deserve, we offer a wide range of elegant machine blown decanters and extravagant handcrafted decanters.

All handcrafted products are made by expert glass masters who master ancient glass production techniques with over 2000 years of history.

All decanters, made of fine crystal, adapt perfectly to every lifestyle and wallet.

Each of the  RIEDEL decanter is a must for oenophiles.



  • All RIEDEL stemware and glasses are dishwasher safe. RIEDEL only recommends HONEY.
  • Place the glasses and glasses well away from other glass or metal products to avoid chipping during the washing cycle. Wherever possible, use the basket provided.
  • To avoid the formation of misting, check the hardness of the water which should be low in mineral salts.
  • Remove any traces of fingerprints or stains with white vinegar.

In case of hand wash

  • wash the glass under hot water (use a detergent and rinse the glass thoroughly).
  • Glass polishing: Use two polishing cloths, never hold the glass by the base to polish the goblet.
  • Polish the glasses using two glass dryers: one for each hand. When polishing the cup, avoid holding the glass by the base because the stem could break.
  • Stem break: Occurs due to mishandling = torque or bending pressure on the stem.
  • When putting away the glasses, avoid places characterized by strong smells that could transfer to the glass and alter the aroma of the wine.

Polishing towel

RIEDEL Decanter Boa

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