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Tivoli Audio MODEL ONE + Radio with analog dial and simple design, with a balance between DAB and DAB + digital features and ease of use. The balance between the dial and the screen is the important key to having the right balance so that you can place the radio anywhere. The heavy-magnet long-excursion loudspeaker is coupled to a frequency bypass circuit that automatically adjusts the half-octave output. In addition to the basic controls, tuning and volume, the MODEL ONE + has added simple presets that allow you to save up to 5 stations on each source. The radio also included a full function remote control, which allows access to additional functions such as the alarm and all display settings. If you want to listen to music wirelessly, you can connect your bluetooth device easily; for listening via cable, on the other hand, the MODEL ONE + has an auxiliary line input and a headphone output.

Data sheet

  • DAB +, FM, Bluetooth®
  • Auxiliary input
  • 5 Pre-set
  • DAB / DAB + tuning button
  • Alarm clock function
  • Remote control for remote control
  • Maximum power loudspeaker
  • External antenna
  • LED screen
  • Dimensions: 12 x 21.17 x 15 cm
  • Weight: 1.5 kg

TIVOLI AUDIO Model One Plus +

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