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PAL + BT the newcomer to Tivoli Audio's award-winning family of PAL portable radios. Take the well-known PAL radio, project it into the future with an ultra-sensitive DAB / DAB + / FM RDS digital tuner, add Bluetooth 4.1 wireless technology and you get one of the best portable audio devices on the market. Small enough to carry it with you, PAL + Bluetooth will amaze you with the mighty sound of its built-in 2.5 (6.35 cm) speaker. The addition of Bluetooth wireless technology allows easy streaming of your favorite music from any enabled mobile device, tablet or computer. The Lithium-Ion rechargeable battery has a range of several hours, and the integrated charger recharges it as soon as the supplied external adapter is connected. Since it is also resistant to bad weather, you will have no excuse to leave your PAL + Bluetooth at home. Multifunction control knobs provide instant access to power, volume, and tuning within the various menus. The remote control can be used for all other functions: for example, to customize and adjust the equalization, backlight and alarm functions. The time is set automatically with DAB or FM RDS.



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