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Like a drop falling into water, you spread positive energy wherever you go.

"Positive energy"  it consists of a closure with three concentric hearts: two, larger, defined by a thin line and a third, small, in relief.  The remainder of the carabiner is crossed by wavy lines that completely envelop it.
The start is completed by a heart-shaped silver with concentric hearts inside, which echo the motif of the closure and a glass that varies from blue to blue with clearer wavy lines that completely envelop it.

This creation releases positivity and energy. The color of the glass, of a beautiful transparent blue, crossed by these white waves, recalls the sea that ripples and at the same time the color of the sky.
In fact, blue is associated with the sky, the night and infinity, but also with water, the sea and the ocean.
This color therefore evokes a sense of protection and welcome, being also the color of spirituality and divinity.
Blue also affects the psyche and body. In fact, it relaxes the mind and creates an atmosphere of stillness and peace. It therefore gives calm and inner fulfillment.

TROLLBEADS "Positive Energy" Bracelet

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